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About us

PONTI & PARTNERS is a professional law firm specialising in consultancy and the protection and defence of industrial and intellectual property. Protecting strategic assets such as patents, designs, trademarks and domain names, and the provision of legal IP advice from a professional and competitive perspective is our raison d’être.

We have a highly qualified team of Lawyers, European Patent Attorneys, Industrial Property Agents, Community Trademark and Design Attorneys, and Consultants who assist the client at all times to ensure optimal protection and defence of their interests.

Our extensive experience has allowed us to consolidate an extensive and refined network of partners worldwide, the best specialists in every area of industrial and intellectual property. We guarantee a reliable solution in any country or region, which is always tailored to the client’s needs.

Since its inception, PONTI & PARTNERS has been an active member of the most prestigious associations related to intellectual property on an international scale. Our professionals are members of these associations and regularly participate in their study and work groups. For many years, PONTI & PARTNERS has been a member of the FICPI (International Federation of Industrial Property Attorneys), an association which sets the strictest code of conduct and excellence within our field.

And because we rely on technology beyond its intangible value, we also use it as a tool to constantly improve our capabilities and provide a better service to our clients. PONTI & PARTNERS has the latest technological resources in its sector, access to the most specialized databases worldwide and an exclusive information system for clients, PontiNET, which facilitates the real-time monitoring of all matters and the corresponding documentation.

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