July 23, 2019

Brazil joins the International Trademark System

Brazil‘s recent access to the International Trademark System completes the incorporation of the last of the ten largest economies on the planet remaining to enter the so-called Madrid System. A few months ago, Canada did so.

This step represents a very substantial reduction of costs for all trademark applicants interested in obtaining protection in the Latin American country and, at the same time, confirms the progressive expansion of the system in the region, which in recent years has seen the access of Mexico and Colombia, and there is already advanced work to expand this list in the short term.

The Madrid System allows protection to be obtained on the basis of a basic trademark application in any of the more than 120 signatory states. As a unified trademark application system, it simplifies an important part of the procedures on an international scale, provides security in the examination and grant criteria of each national Office and, in short, improves the efficiency and costs that owners have to face in the registration process.