July 10, 2020

How to ensure Feedom to Operate (FTO)?

Intellectual property, and especially patents, give their owners multiple strategic options to ensure their competitiveness.

Among the range of uses of intellectual property, Freedom to Operate (FTO) reports stand out. These provide legal certainty to the client, preventing the possible infringement of third party intellectual property rights and the disruption that this could cause in the company’s normal activities.

This was highlighted by the 2019 Intellectual Property SME Scoreboard, in which the companies surveyed placed legal certainty as the main reason for their registrations, only behind the prevention of copying, and ahead of other reasons such as improving the image and value of the company, the possibility of obtaining financing or revenues from licensing.

Innovative companies can take advantage of the use of patents and information available in databases to ensure that no third party prevents them from providing their services or offering their products in major markets.