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How to remove infringing content from marketplaces?

September 28, 2021

The European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), in its work to promote and support Intellectual Property, has made available to companies a collection of tools and protocols for action in the event of detecting the illicit use of their trademarks to mislead consumers and/or misuse their reputation, or a counterfeit version of their products for sale on the e commerce marketplaces of greater commercial traffic. More information can be found here.

It is not only possible to take measures in this sense but, as a legitimate holder of intellectual property (IP) rights, it is highly advisable to initiate actions to remove the illicit publications in the marketplace and thus try to avoid that the value of your IP asset is devalued or even loses the hindering force that any IP right entails by nature, both in terms of the registration of similar trademarks in the name of third parties and the entry of confusingly similar products in the marketplace.

If you need any help to remove illicit references to your trademark or a counterfeit publication of your products from a marketplace, you can contact us at ponti@ponti.pro or call us at 93 487 49 36.

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