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New EPO reductions for microenterprises

March 6, 2024

On 1 April 2024, the revision of official fees in the EPO will enter into force, with important new features for micro-enterprises. These small organisations, together with natural persons, non-profit organisations, universities and public research organisations will be able to obtain a 30% reduction in multiple official fees in the European patent registration procedure. This has been announced in the Official Journal of the EPO, which details the type of fees to which this discount will apply:

  • The filing fee.
  • The search fee (supplementary or not).
  • The examination fee.
  • The international search fee if the EPO was the international search authority.
  • The designation fee
  • The grant fee
  • Maintenance or annuity fees.

What is considered a microenterprise?

Small businesses wishing to qualify for this discount must meet a number of requirements. Firstly, they must be considered a microenterprise, i.e. have fewer than 10 employees and an annual turnover of no more than 2 million euros. In addition, the reduction will only be applicable if the applicant (or applicants in the case of co-ownership) has not accumulated 5 or more previous EP applications and/or European regional phase entries in the 5 years prior to the date of submission of the EP application or regional phase entry with which the reduction is sought.

If you would like to know more and clarify any doubts as to whether EP applications active prior to April are eligible for the reduction, please contact us. Remember that this 30% discount can mean between 2050 and 2450 euros of savings, which is not bad at all.

Remember that, even if you do not meet the requirements of a microenterprise, there are other aids available. On the one hand, the EPO maintains the right to the reduction of language-related fees and, on the other hand, the EUIPO grant for registering patents, trademarks, designs and plant varieties aimed at the self-employed and SMEs is still available, the SME Fund, which we can process on your behalf if you contact us.

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