June 5, 2018

Information related to all aspects of tax savings and subsidies for R&D&I

PONTI has opened a new line of information related to all aspects of tax savings and incentives for R&D&I. As we realize that the investment effort in the protection of your brands, patents and designs goes far beyond their registration, this new service provides timely information on the different programs and tools that may have a positive fiscal and economic impact on your organization.

Thus, and in relation to existing tax deductions for innovation, it is possible to obtain savings of up to 42% of the expenses incurred in the research, development and innovation of new products, knowledge or technologies, through a substantial reduction of corporate tax, until next July 25 2018. In the case of not having a positive quota to pay, deductions will remain valid for 18 years, or you can also request the monetization of this amount as income in cash. You can also have an advisory service on financing innovation and research of CDTI funds, as well as other support lines.

Our 5-year guarantee and totally outsourced service allows you to benefit from this advantage always based on success and with total fiscal security, without minimum fees or fixed charges for service.

If you wish to receive more information please contact our Customer Service at ponti@ponti.pro.