April 22, 2022

News for trademark registration: Cape Verde adheres to the Madrid System

On April 6, 2022, the government of Cape Verde deposited its instrument of accession to the Madrid Protocol, thus becoming the 112th member of the Madrid System.

It is from July 6, 2022 that trademark owners in Cape Verde will be able to protect their trademarks in all the remaining territories of the Madrid System, by filing a single application, in one language and paying a single set of fees.

Thanks to such accession to the Madrid System, not only local trademark holders will benefit from this new accession, but international trademark holders will also be able to extend the protection of their trademarks to Cape Verde, through the designation of their international trademarks.

This accession once again shows the confidence of every time more countries in the global IP system and Cape Verde’s determination to become a new technology hub that attracts investment and new business development.

Information on Cape Verde’s trademark laws and practices will soon be available in the Madrid System member profile database.

If you are interested in protecting a trademark in Cape Verde, contact us by sending a message to ponti@ponti.pro or by phone at 934 874 936.