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Newsletter. December 2017. Number 15

January 25, 2018

Editorial: The New Patent Law by Diana Mariné, Mechanical Engineer and Spanish Patent and Trademark Attorney.

On April 1st 2017, the long-awaited new Spanish Patent Law came into force. It adapts the current standard to international standards and incorporates different relevant developments, among which we can highlight the implementation of a single system of patent grant procedure with a mandatory substantive examination.

Spanish TM’s: next in line.
After the completion of the changes on the Amending Regulation of the European Union Trademark, it is time now to look at some of the national jurisdictions that will also require further changes to comply with the provisions of the other arm of the European Trademark System reform, the EU Directive 2015/2436.

Assigning your IP rights in Spain. In Spain, IP holders should be well aware that there is a clear line between recording an assignment and the existence of the legal transaction as such.

NEWSLETTER. December 2017. Number 15.

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