May 30, 2019

Newsletter. May 2019. Number 18.

Editorial: Entry into force of the Spanish Trademark Law by Teresa Gonzalez, IP Lawyer. Main amendments introduced to Spanish Trademark Law by the Directive 2015/2436 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 December 2015. Read editorial.

Keep it secret: Spain has a new Trade Secrets Act enacted which reinforces the patrimonial and confidential nature of all the sensitive information for the company at a competitive level that is not protected by some form of registry protection.

EPO 2018 Report: The European Patent Office has published its latest report on the statistics results of European Patent applications in 2018, which shows an upward trend in the registration of European Patents by Spanish applicants.

World IP Day: Diana Mariné took part in the special event that the Agency for Business Competitiveness organized to celebrate the World IP Day.

IP Insurance: PONTI launches, in cooperation with a specialized insurance brokerage agency, a tailored scheme for small and medium-size companies.

NEWSLETTER. May 2019. Number 18.