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Newsletter. November 2018. Number 17

November 20, 2018

Editorial: The Kit Kat Case. The secondary meaning in the EU by Susana Correa, IP Lawyer. Long running confrontation between Nestlé vs. Cadbury Schweppes (nowadays Mondelez UK Holdings & Services) for more than 10 years for the shape of the ‘4 Finger KitKat’ product. Read editorial.

The SPTO Technical Reports. The value that technical reports issued by the SPTO play in contentious-administrative appeals related to the validity of Utility Models.

Parallel imports of medicines. On February 9th, 2019 stricter rules for the packaging of prescription-only and for some non-prescription medicines will come into force.

Barcelona Tech City. On June 22nd, 2018, Ponti organized the conference “Industrial Property in the Global Hubs of Innovation” at Barcelona Tech City.

Ponti IP Vitamins. We are launching a new program of sessions aimed at reinforcing the position of our innovation ecosystem in relation to the management of intangible assets.

NEWSLETTER. November 2018. Number 17.

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