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PONTI & PARTNERS participates as a speaker at the Barcelona Health Innovation Week

January 26, 2024

PONTI & PARTNERS participates in the second edition of the Barcelona Health Innovation Week which is held to drive innovation, acceleration, technology and transformation in healthcare in the life sciences and health ecosystem based in Barcelona.

On Thursday 15 February at 11:00 am, we will hold an online training session on Technology Watch in the healthcare sector, led by Sònia Girona, technical chemical engineer and patent consultant at PONTI & PARTNERS, with a long professional career of more than 25 years advising companies in the life sciences and healthcare sector.

A solid technology watch system provides, among other things, a detailed analysis of developments in specific technological or industrial fields. This is, therefore, truly valuable information in the health sciences sector to design the right strategy and to stand out in a competitive and technological market where innovation is a determining factor.

Surveillance will offer companies a number of advantages, such as.

  • To be aware of R&D developments in other companies in the sector.
  • Locate those organisations with which a collaboration agreement could be established.
  • Knowing, for example, which patent applications could be actively opposed.

In short, in highly competitive scientific and technological environments, information is power. And knowing how to use it with the right strategy gives you a privileged position.

Come and learn from PONTI & PARTNERS about the potential advantages that can be gained from a well-structured surveillance system. Registrations can be made through this form.

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