January 23, 2018

Reduction of the designation fee for the protection of an international design in Spain

As of next January 26, 2018, the fee for designating an international design in Spain will decrease from CHF 540 to CHF 60.

This substantial reduction of the cost for the protection of an international design in Spain derives from the recent communication of the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office to the World Intellectual Property Office, by which it withdraws the declaration made under the Common Regulations of the Act of 1999 and the 1960 Act of the Hague Agreement, concerning the level of fees applicable to the designation of international design applications.

The Hague system offers a practical solution to register up to 100 drawings or models in more than 67 territories by submitting a single international design application, saving time and substantial costs to holders of industrial designs.

The United States, Japan and also the European Union are prominent members of the Hague system of the World Intellectual Property Organization. On November 30, 2017 the Russian Federation adhered to the international design system and from next February 28, 2018, protection for an international right in that country may be designated.

Industrial designs allow to protect the aesthetics of a product or its ornamentation in consumer goods, vehicles, appliances, fashion, etc. Thus, they are key to ensure the economic return of the capital invested in R & D and innovation activities. When the differentiation lies in a new form or innovative design of a product and it becomes a purchasing factor among consumers, the protection of the design in different territories allows to conquer new markets, strengthen the reputation of the company’s creativity and even attract new investments.