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They created it and even protected it

March 31, 2023

Yes, this is a different kind of post. We are not going to analyse any specific topic in the field of intellectual property, nor are we going to go into the most important details of any new law. Today we are going to report on something more important, something we are really looking forward to. 

World Intellectual Property Day, which this year is dedicated to women investors, creators and entrepreneurs around the world, will be celebrated on 26 April. To do our bit, we have organised a virtual round table to give voice to inspiration through leading personalities in innovation and business. We invite you to be part of it on 26 April at 9.00am on our social media, LinkedIn and YouTube.   

Women are becoming increasingly important in various key sectors of society such as science, technology and the business world. Nowadays, we can find women in top positions or at the head of pioneering or transformative companies. However, there are still few women participating in the intellectual property system, as the WIPO points out. As long as women do not benefit from the advantages offered by this system, there will be an obstacle in the process of growth and evolution at a societal level.  

A boost to innovation and creativity, further development in new technologies, the proliferation of new artistic trends or further economic growth to accelerate recovery, these are some of the many benefits that arise from achieving a greater presence of women in the IP system. As a society, it would be a breakthrough to achieve this and that is why it is essential to try to promote it through initiatives such as this year’s World IP Day. 

PONTI & PARTNERS’ round table for a more egalitarian IP   

Our goal: to encourage more women to participate in the IP system to protect and give their work the value it deserves. From PONTI & PARTNERS we want to be part of the change, so we have organised a virtual round table where we have invited leading women so that, through their knowledge and experience, they can raise awareness of the importance of IP intangibles when creating, and that they can serve as an example to other women.  

PONTI & PARTNERS’ virtual round table will be attended by Montse Romero, Manager of Albiral Display Solutions; Conxi Pérez, Co-founder and CEO of RollDBox, as well as other initiatives and projects such as In Movement; Sonia Martínez, Founder and CEO of projects such as Celtarys Research and Sigillum Knowledge Solutions, as well as member of the Association of Women Researchers and Technologists (AMIT) and Glòria Casanellas, PhD in Statistics And Operational Research and Optical Design Team Leader at Horizons Optical where she has developed different techniques that have earned her six patents. All moderated by Marta Vilá, lawyer and Business Development Director of our firm. The event, which will be broadcast through PONTI & PARTNERS‘ social media (LinkedIn and YouTube), will last approximately 45 minutes, at the end of which the speakers will answer the questions previously sent to ponti@ponti.pro. Take advantage of their experience and ask any doubts, worries and concerns you may have! 

Join us in this initiative by attending our event and participate with your questions. Don’t miss PONTI & PARTNERS’ round table where you will find knowledge, learning and motivation and, moreover, you will be a part of the change.    

 Let’s work towards an intellectual property where everyone adds up for the good of society. 

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