January 3, 2019

Trademark protection in export markets: prevention of fraudulent registration by distributors

Trademarks are one of the most important business assets because they bring together the prestige or goodwill associated with the quality of our products and services and, ultimately, open new export markets with the impact of an additional margin in their commercialisation.

Unfortunately, bad faith practices by distributors or local agents in other territories are also common. When they face the incipient commercial success of products and services in their countries of origin or in on-line distribution, they strive to identify gaps in the protection of these trademarks and usually file fraudulent applications without the knowledge of the legitimate owners. This situation seriously damages the commercial strategy of innovative companies, delaying or avoiding the introduction of products and services in key markets and sometimes inflicting irreparable losses in the profit and loss accounts.

Therefore, it is necessary to be proactive and determine which are the key markets and the most valuable trademarks that should be protected in each territory, assessing the actual and potential risks, not only on actual sales, but on investments in promotion or presence of our business abroad.

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