October 11, 2019

Workshop: Start Up Intangibles Protection Kit. The U.S. Experience

5th of november 2019, new session of our cycle of “IP Vitamins” lectures in the space The Collider of Pier 01 of Barcelona Tech City.

The innovation culture of the US entrepreneurial sector and its capitalization models are often presented to us as a pattern of success. An essential part of this is undoubtedly the firm awareness of the contribution of intangibles in any business project, which differentiates it from the rest and makes it unique in the market.

An optimal protection of this differentiation, be it a trademark, design, patent, industrial secret or copyright, guarantees the soundness of the project as a whole and not only in terms of the protection of owner’s interests, but also in terms of the possible consideration of third party rights that could hinder the further development of the business.

In this session, we will present the basic tools that any company or organization should have in mind, based on the experience on which the success of US start-up companies has been based. To this end, we will count with the experience of an expert in advising on entrepreneurial projects in this country, who will provide the basic strategies that any innovative project should follow, with few resources and many ideas, to turn this differentiating factor into a lever to generate capital.



5th of november 2019

09.00h_ Registration

09.15h_ What and when to protect “here and there Joan Salvà. Lawyer and Industrial Property Agent. Managing Partner of Ponti & Partners, SLP.

10.00_ Coffee break

10.15h_ Protecting your IP: A Primer for Start-ups. Louis J. Levy, Attorney at Law. Belles Katz, LLC, P.C. Washington D.C.

11.45h_ Roundtable


Registration: ponti@ponti.pro

In collaboration with: Barcelona Tech City, The Collider.