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Workshop: Trade dress protection: commercial establishment’s appearance

February 11, 2020

27 February, 2020, new IP Vitamins workshop on trade dress protection (commercial establishment’s appearance) at The Collider space (mVentures -Edifici Palau de Mar-Pier 01) of Barcelona Tech City.

Along with products and services, the corporate image and identity, projected through packaging, branding or design, are a fundamental part of a company’s value proposition. In addition, today many businesses and franchises also project their image and personality through their establishments, whose uniqueness makes them commercially attractive and a valuable asset for customer loyalty.

In our session on trade dress protection we will focus on the different ways or options that intellectual property offers to capture the value of creativity and investment. On this occasion, we will count on the experience of La Granja Design, a studio specialized in the design of spaces and objects.




09:30h_ The key role of intellectual property in protecting differentiation and competitiveness. Josep Mª Pujals. Business Development Manager. Ponti & Partners SLP

09.50h_ Ways to protect the appearance (trade-dress) of the commercial establishment. Ricardo Guerras. Head of the Trademark and Legal Department. Ponti & Partners SLP

10.30h_ Coffee break.

11.00h_ La Granja Design experience

11.45h_ Round table


Registration: ponti@ponti.pro

In collaboration with: Barcelona Tech City, The Collider.

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