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Good IP Practices

Looking after intellectual property assets is tantamount to preserving and contributing to the creation of value within a business. Good IP practices constitute a protocol for a comprehensive management of intellectual property which optimizes protection, maintenance, exploitation and control of the holder’s intangible assets.

It has a dual purpose: on the one hand, it streamlines internal management processes and the holder’s decision-making on anything affecting its intangible assets, so that these decisions are always taken with the best of safeguards and with the maximum possible rationality; on the other hand, this systemisation facilitates the harnessing of all the exploitation potential within the intellectual property portfolio.

The publication or disclosure of an invention prior to its registration, the marketing of products or services without a registered trademark or the publication of industrial designs without ensuring their adequate legal coverage are just some examples of behaviours or omissions that the holders must truly take into consideration in their business endeavour if they do not want to jeopardise all the effort invested in the creation of an asset.

It is not enough for a client to just be aware of what they would like to protect or are able to protect, and when and where this can be done; it is equally as important, or perhaps even more so, to identify what is excluded from protection as a trademark, patent design or copyright, and to ensure this decision is not detrimental to the holder’s business interests.

In developing and implementing an intellectual property protocol, our team of professionals works in collaboration with the client in order to understand their organisation, outline their needs, understand their sensitivity towards specific assets as well as the future prospects for the business activity. The final stage of the project includes an in-house training for the client so that the whole internal team involved in the various aspects of intellectual property rights can familiarise themselves with the practical guidelines and their process of implementation.

In the end, the client will have the confidence that their intangible assets are correctly protected and that they have maximised the value they can bring to their business activity.

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