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Valuation of Immaterial Assets

The increasing importance of intellectual property rights as a competitive element in the economy is also creating the need to assign a value to them which makes them quantifiable with a certain degree of objectivity.

Thus, among the reasons that justify the valuation of an industrial property right, we find those related to increasing the organization’s assets, to financing needs, or to the transfer or license of said rights, whether independent or in corporate operations of the most diverse nature.

The activation of this intangible property also helps companies to benefit from attractive tax incentives in the creation and commercial exploitation of their intellectual property rights, also known as Patent Box.

Our valuation procedure has a dual approach: quantitative and qualitative. The entire operation is conducted based on the information and documentation provided by the client, subject to the relevant confidentiality agreement, and by way of our professional team’s rigorous analysis of the many variables that can determine the assignment of value. The information acquired is compared and contrasted with identical variables at market and competitor level, for the purposes of applying the highest level of objectivity to the valuation process.

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