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An industrial drawing or model (design) refers to the decorative or aesthetic aspect of a product. Unlike patents, which prioritise the functional or technical features of an invention, with a design the emphasis is placed upon the visual appearance of the product.


Therefore, securing the adequate design protection is fundamental for those companies looking to shield their creations against third party misappropriation and copying, as well as gaining profitability from the effort invested in their development.


Designs can be three-dimensional in nature (the shape, texture or surface of an object), or two-dimensional (patterns, lines or colours).


At PONTI & PARTNERS we advise and assist our clients throughout the entire process of protection and defence of their industrial designs, from start to finish.


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Our design services include:

Advice prior to registration.

Filing of registrations with the relevant office.

Control and monitoring of the different steps involved in the design registration process and renewal of designs granted.

– Presentation of opposition and appeals against design applications which may impact upon the interests of a client, as well as the defence of our clients’ design applications in the event of oppositions or appeals filed by third parties.

Maintenance and renewal of granted designs.

Reports and opinions on design registration.

Design infringement studies.

Global technological watch of designs, with valuable and detailed information about new applications relating to the client’s activities.

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