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Domain names enable the content of a web page hosted at an IP (Internet Protocol) address to be easily and intuitively associated with a trademark or trade name. Therefore, the protection and management of domain names should form part of the brand and corporate identity strategy on the web.

Domains and trademarks are ruled by different regulatory and registration systems, but the general public’s perception of the role played by both as assets of commercial identity is largely established.

There are frequent clashes between both modalities, so it is essential that owners keep the view of adopting appropriate preventive measures in mind right from the start of a project. Likewise, throughout the period of validity of a trademark or domain name, it is important to proactively manage possible threats from signs and domains which may appear and could potentially cause confusion

Our legal team has an extensive experience in the consultancy and intervention in disputes related to domain names, from an administrative, arbitration and legal perspective. PONTI & PARTNERS manages and advises on all aspects related to the choice, registration, maintenance and monitoring of a domain name, as well as to the complex disputes that can arise in this sense, both nationally and internationally.

Other significant challenges in managing a corporate image on the web are the so-called Google AdWords (Internet positioning by key words) and hashtags (metadata tags), particularly on social networks such as Twitter.


This service offers the possibility of monitoring domain names that are registered by third parties and detecting possible illicit uses of one’s own trademark. However, it is not necessary to have a registered trademark to be able to activate the monitoring.


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