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Your gateway to IP in the EU

The EU Single Market is the largest single trading area in the world, a territory with no obstacles to the free movement of goods and services. It accounts for 500 million consumers and more than 21 million businesses.


Thus, the effective protection and enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) in up to 27 jurisdictions after Brexit becomes a critical factor for innovation-based companies with commercial interests in the EU or seeking to grow in this market.


The European Commission’s strategy on the EU Single Market for IPRs, which has boosted legislative efforts since 2011 at EU Member State level to harmonise the prosecution and enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights (trademarks, designs, patents, copyrights and trade secrets) across the European Union, has facilitated the improvement of a uniform legal protection and a predictable judicial framework at EU level.


What we offer

Through our European Union -Single Market- Gateway we are able to offer our clients and partners from overseas seeking IP protection across the EU an easy-to-use platform for globally and diligently managing their IP registration procedures in this territory.


Thus, PONTI’s EU one-stop-shop platform offers a centralised solution to deal with all IP formalities and further substantial work required before the concerned IP offices at EU level (EU Intellectual Property Office in Alicante for EU Trademarks and Designs, European Patent Office in

Munich for European Patents and Euro-regional phases of PCT applications), or before national IP offices and territories, in order to protect all Intellectual Property modalities (trademarks, patents, designs, copyrights and trade secrets).


This coordinated process, which provides our clients with more quality, efficiency and time savings for the extension in the EU of IP rights generated abroad, also helps them to manage more effectively the enforcement of their Intellectual Property Rights across the EU, especially with regard to counterfeiting and piracy. It allows us to adequately anticipate and activate preventive measures and legal response actions against the illegal supply, import or transit of infringing goods across the borders of EU Member States, in accordance with the EU Directive on the Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRED).


Thanks to our highly specialised team of European Patent, Design and Trademark Attorneys and paralegals and to our extensive global network of associates in Europe, we will help you outline and deploy the most suitable IP strategy in the EU territories of interest.


Want to know more? Get in touch with us at ponti@ponti.pro.


It is the modality used to protect inventions in Europe and is managed by the European Patent Office in Munich.


It is the system by which a European patent can have unitary effects in the 26 member states of the European Union that are signatories of the Unitary Patent package.


It is the modality used to protect aesthetic creations (three-dimensional and two-dimensional) in the 28 EU Member States.


It grants exclusive rights in all EU Member States through a single registration before the European Union Intellectual Property Office, EUIPO, based in Alicante.