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Your gateway to IP in Latin America

Latin America is a fast growing participant in the global economy that offers excellent opportunities for companies to either establish or to expand their presence in the region. The countries within Latin America continue to show economic growth in spite of the global crisis, as well as a significant increase in investment and a higher demand for technology and knowledge.

Protecting and defending Intellectual Property Rights in a territory made up of 20 countries with an estimated population of around 650 million poses a real challenge. Cultural differences, a different language and very diverse statutory requirements in each country can be a burden for any firm seeking to secure and defend their rights in such a vast region.

Furthermore, many of these countries are not yet part of the main international treaties and agreements for the protection of Intellectual Property, and this requires a closer monitoring of the extension and prosecution procedures before the different offices.


In this context, finding a reliable partner that offers comprehensive expertise on IP practices and regulations in all Latin American countries and that is able to provide a consistent network of associates for every jurisdiction will prove most helpful when it comes to implementing a successful IP strategy.

What we offer

PONTI is in a unique position to help our foreign associates protect and defend their IP in Latin America.

Our “One-Stop-Shop” model is devised to offer you a centralized service for all your IP matters in these jurisdictions, ensuring a seamless and coordinated communication through a single qualified intermediary.

Thanks to our extensive global network of associates and our highly specialized team of Patent, Design and Trademark Attorneys and paralegals, we will help you outline and deploy the most suitable IP strategy in the territories of interest.

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