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Intellectual Property

Author’s rights to intellectual property, or copyrights, refer to the economic and moral rights of creators in respect of their artistic and literary works. Copyright is a universally recognised right which permits the author of a work to prevent its reproduction or modification, as well as to obtain economic returns for the assignment of rights to use (from a financial or economic perspective) and to protect his or her reputation (from a moral perspective).

Work to which copyright protection is provided ranges from books, music, painting, sculpture and films to computer programs, databases, commercial advertisements, maps and technical drawings.

In accordance with the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, rights to intellectual property do not need to be registered, as they automatically and simultaneously apply as a result of the work itself being created.

Therefore, the copyright belongs to the creator of the work and lasts for 70 years after his or her death. Within this period, the rights belong to the author’s heirs.

It is advisable to register these rights by means of the different registration modalities offered by law, because of the value they have as evidence in the event of disputes regarding ownership or the time in which the work was created.

PONTI & PARTNER’s Legal Department has a team of specialist lawyers with a wealth of experience and knowledge of the instruments available to authors when it comes to protecting their work, both nationally and internationally

We also offer advice in the negotiation, preparation and formalisation of contracts or agreements relating to the ownership, management, assignment and use of intellectual property rights, as well as in the resolution of disputes pertaining to them, and in their legal defence in both civil and criminal proceedings.

Our extensive international network of partners, with professional specialists in the different branches of industrial and intellectual property law, allows us to provide specific solutions for the protection, management and defence of author’s rights or copyrights in any territory, based upon the specific issue, client and rights involved.

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