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Assegurances de Propietat Industrial

The monopoly granted by the registration of a patent, trademark, or design is not only a right enjoyed by its holder, but it can also have significant ramifications, from a passive standpoint, on any economic operator who, voluntarily or involuntarily, engages in behaviors falling within the scope of that monopoly’s exclusivity; these are acts that may be classified as infringement.

In the particular case of patents, the so-called Patent Literature consists of millions of documents referring to innovations or developments, many of which never reach commercial or industrial fruition but nonetheless constitute barriers to entry into certain market areas. Infringement or encroachment upon one of these exclusive rights can result in serious legal liabilities for the alleged infringer, primarily economic ones.

To minimize the impact of this risk and, especially, to facilitate the client’s focus on their core activity, PONTI & PARTNERS is launching, in collaboration with a specialized brokerage, a specific insurance line for the field of industrial and intellectual property.

This product allows for the insurance of risks stemming from the infringement of industrial or intellectual property rights, at the state, community, or international level, always considering multiple criteria according to the insured’s level of activity, which ultimately shape the product that best suits their needs. The typology of risks associated with the infringement of industrial property rights has typically been excluded from civil liability policies, unless it involved significant increases in the premiums to be paid.

At PONTI & PARTNERS, we make it easier by offering Industrial and Intellectual Property Insurance.

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