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Infringement and Validity Reports

They can be defined as technical-legal reports on patents, trademarks and designs which analyse whether a product or service falls within the scope of protection of an exclusive right owned by the client or by a third party, as well as the validity and viability of the registration. Infringement and validity reports are particularly important in disputes arising from the alleged infringement of industrial or intellectual property rights, as they serve as evidence of great importance for the future commercial activity of the parties involved.

These reports help companies taking crucial decisions about the issuing of cease-and-desist letters or the filing of lawsuits for infringement of IP rights, as well as to determine their defence strategy in the face of a third-party’s legal request.

Within the range of solutions often proposed is the option of establishing licence or assignment agreements between the parties involved, thus allowing the business activity to continue with regard to the product or service affected while, at the same time, guaranteeing due compliance with allegedly infringed intellectual property rights.

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