New technologies

Digital transformation is profoundly changing the rules of innovation. Phenomena like Industry 4.0 and Big Data are establishing a new paradigm when it comes to companies and their customers, and they are impacting upon the development of new technologies and services which capitalise on the potential of the connected industry.

In this new ultra-connected landscape, organisations need to be capable of effectively manage the risks and opportunities associated with the access to mass information, data management, cyber security, exploitation of content and technology and standards protected by intellectual property rights.

In the virtual environment, the problems posed by industrial and intellectual property are much more complex than in the physical environment. It can even be said that a business which has no activity on the Internet is not exempt from certain risks.

The ease with which many intangible assets can be virtually replicated or copied is conducive to the infringement of rights, and this, along with the resulting potential damage to their rightful owner, is what concerns us. A simple domain name, the design of a web page or an advertising campaign on social networks can be a source of dispute if not handled in the appropriate way and with foresight.

At PONTI & PARTNERS we provide a comprehensive service for the prevention, protection and management of intellectual property, so that our clients can benefit from the full potential of their RDI within the digital world.


Domain names enable the content of a web page hosted at an IP (Internet Protocol) address to be easily and intuitively associated with a trademark or trade name. Therefore, the protection and management of domain names should form part of the brand and corporate identity strategy on the web.


The modern-day connected industry multiplies opportunities for businesses and users to immediately access new product offerings, services and customers and, at the same time, it poses new challenges for the management of industrial and intellectual property rights.


Software or a computer program is the logic support of an IT system consisting of a set of logic components needed in order for specific tasks to be carried out, as opposed to physical components, which are known as hardware.


Compliance with data protection regulations and privacy policies is one of the most important dimensions of today’s economy. Data have become fundamental assets in the operation of any business and are used by companies and organisations to understand their customers, improve products and services, and make decisions. 



In today’s economic landscape, online operations are essential for any business. This reality implies a dynamic and multifaceted legislation that adapts to the constant innovations in the digital environment.