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Infringements on the internet

The modern-day connected industry multiplies opportunities for businesses and users to immediately access new product offerings, services and customers and, at the same time, it poses new challenges for the management of industrial and intellectual property rights.

In this new landscape where millions of offerings converge, sometimes of questionable legitimacy or origin, it is necessary for companies to establish a continuous protocol for the management of risks arising from possible infringement of intellectual property (unauthorised or inappropriate use of corporate image, piracy, etc.) that are detrimental to the corporate brand and its proposed value.

Our legal department, supported by our team of European Patent Attorneys, is highly qualified to establish protocols for the management of intellectual property in a digital environment and to respond to infringements that take place on the web, by way of:

  • Monitoring of logos, trademarks and designs on the Internet (social networks, blogs, e-marketplaces, auction sites).
  • Multilingual analysis.
  • Searches conducted on all pages indexed by Google (70% of Internet results) with over 200 search engines.
  • Filtering of image, video and sound files.
  • Transfer of information into an easily exportable format.
  • Option to adjust the search strategy according to the results report.


  • Detecting inappropriate or unauthorised use of a client’s trademark and corporate identity.
  • Managing the reputation of a client’s trademark online and on social networks to prevent the devaluation of the brand
  • Understanding and managing the public perception or opinion of a brand.
  • Marketing products and services that are protected as intellectual property.

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