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Competitor surveillance

Competitor surveillance is a very useful strategic tool to obtain information on the registrations filed by competitors and/or reference companies in a sector. This service provides access to the publication of European, Spanish and international patent applications and utility models with effect in the Spanish territory. Therefore, it provides updated and quality information that improves and speeds up decision making.

Among the many reasons for having an adequate competitor monitoring service are:

  • To know where the competition focuses its efforts in innovation and how it protects it.
  • To undertake new R&D projects thanks to having quality information.
  • Dismissing investigation channels already initiated by other competitors and avoiding possible infringements of third party rights.
  • Optimize R&D expenditure.

PONTI & PARTNERS, aware of the importance of having relevant information for companies, makes the Competitor Watch service available to its clients with the help of an experienced multidisciplinary team and access to the most advanced databases available in the international market.

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