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Patents and Utility Models

Patents and utility models grant an exclusive right over a technical invention, which allows the owner to prevent third parties from using said invention without its consent within a specific time period. The invention may equally be a completely new product or process, or a new use for an already existing product. In all cases, the invention must be suitable for industrial use.


Therefore, the registration and protection of a patent or utility model serves to add value to the companies to which they relate, since their use and licensing to third parties may yield significant benefits and a return on R&D investment.


PONTI & PARTNERS ensures an optimal protection of R&D achievements by way of a team of professionals with a high degree of scientific-technical and legal training, and who advise the client throughout the entire process about the best strategy to follow in accordance with their specific needs.

Our services include:

Professional advice prior to registration.

Preparation and drafting of the patent or utility model specification (description, claims, abstract and drawings).

Control and monitoring of the different steps involved in the patent registration process, and maintenance of granted patents.

– Maintenance and payment of annuities for all client’s registrations.

Response to possible communications or objections raised by the examiners of the different offices.

Management of possible oppositions, observations and appeals against the patents of competitors, as well as the defence of our clients’ patent applications in the event of oppositions, observations and appeals from third parties.

Global technological watch of patents and utility models, which provides information and an analysis of new applications related to the activities of the client.

Reports and opinions on patentability in order to prevent clients from making unnecessary registrations or assessing the validity of a competitor’s patent.

Patent infringement studies, in order to determine whether a third party is infringing our client’s rights or vice versa.

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