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Technological Patent Watch

In the current technological, financial and competitive environment, establishing a technological watch system that enables the gathering of up-to-date information is essential for those companies and organisations whose added value lies in their capacity to innovate and create new products or services.


The uniformity and the high degree of computerisation characteristic of patent literature allows for a thorough analysis to be conducted on the evolution of a specific technological or industrial field, and for competitive intelligence to ultimately be obtained in order to direct a specific activity, project or business undertaking.

Our global alert system provides up-to-date information on new applications for patents, utility models and designs within particular technical areas, territories of interest or in the name of specific owners.

To achieve this, PONTI & PARTNERS has a multidisciplinary team of advisors and engineers who are experts in conducting technological searches and watches. We have access to over 80 million documents integrated into the most advanced databases on the market, which ensures a worldwide patent watch coverage.

In short, all the competitive intelligence a project or company needs in order to steer its R&D activity, keep up with developments in the sector and avoid possible infringement of third party’s rights.

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