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A trademark is one of the most important assets of any industrial or commercial activity, as it is the distinctive sign that identifies and encapsulates the business’ effort to differentiate in a market which is increasingly saturated with alternative and replaceable offers.


Correctly assessing the risks that come with the use and registration of a trademark for a global business endeavour, and protecting it whenever necessary, is an essential step in guaranteeing exclusivity of its use, providing security to a business and avoiding unnecessary costs due to eventual disputes.

PONTI & PARTNERS offers a wide and global range of services associated with the protection and defence of trademarks. These are services which we have redesigned to go beyond mere matters of registration and which are gradually becoming of greater strategic importance for companies.


Trademarks are signs capable of distinguishing the products or services of a company from those of other companies within the market. There are different types of trademark, depending on their characteristics: worddevicethree-dimensionalsounds, etc.


Prior to submitting a trademark registration application, it is highly advisable to conduct a preliminary feasibility report for the territory of interest. This report is aimed at assessing the registration possibilities for the requested trademark with regard, on the one hand, to the absolute requirements set out by applicable law, and on the other hand, to the possible existence of earlier similar trademarks which could be an obstacle to the registration.


Monitoring new trademark applications which may be identical or similar to an already registered trademark is just as important as registration itself. Once a client has commenced the process of protecting their distinctive sign, they must also take into consideration that defending their trademark is also their responsibility.


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