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Quality and experience

PONTI & PARTNERS’ quality policy is demanding, global and comprehensive. It is in every process of all the industrial property protection and counseling services we offer. Likewise, after more than 85 years in the sector, we have the experience and knowledge to face and adapt to all kinds of situations. And always with the same philosophy: to offer the best personalized service for each client.

Commitment to innovation

An important part of our resources is allocated to investment in innovation and development, focused on user experience, equipment efficiency and team training. We are constantly looking for new tools, technologies or processes that allow us to make a qualitative leap and a more personalized treatment, offering advantages and facilities to both our clients and our team.

Partnership and teamwork

The whole is stronger than the individual. In a field such as intellectual property, being part of associations allows us to have more demanding standards of professional and ethical commitment and to promote changes in the sector. Likewise, the promotion of teamwork and collaboration between departments are essential to ensure optimal performance and promote both individual and collective growth.


At PONTI & PARTNERS we work with an international service model of specialization for each jurisdiction. In accordance with our commitment to partnership, from the office we have a network of collaborators in several countries to offer our services wherever they are needed. This network also allows us to be aware of any new developments outside our borders in our field of work.


A fundamental pillar in the essence of PONTI & PARTNERS is the commitment to quality training. In a sector as changing as industrial property, a continuous acquisition of knowledge is essential. For this reason, the office offers different learning formulas to its employees in order to promote their personal and professional growth. Both for the PINO sector and to develop new skills or knowledge.

Transparency and respect

Respect, honesty and transparency are the basis of our commitment to practice in our sector and in the personality of the brand. PONTI & PARTNERS cannot be understood without these values. Together, they are necessary to respond adequately to the trust of our customers.


Innovation is difficult, no surprise. And investing is a risk and requires great efforts. At PONTI & PARTNERS we know this and we always keep it in mind. Putting ourselves in our client’s shoes is essential to understand their needs, as well as their circumstances or environment. And this can be extrapolated to the society or the territory, where companies cannot be impervious to their problems and have to be an active member to face them.

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