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PONTI & PARTNERS was born with the purpose of helping small Catalan entrepreneurs reach their full potential, even where they did not believe it was possible. The aim was not only to empower these entrepreneurs, but to strengthen the Catalan business fabric so that it could grow and mature. In this way, society would also progress towards a better future. The underlying theme of our work has always been to contribute our bit to achieve a more mature, committed, sustainable, fair, and equal society through the Catalan business drive.

But we didn’t stop there, as we also grew and reached places we hadn’t initially imagined. This gave us the opportunity not only to reach other organizations, but to have the ability to do more, to have more tools at our disposal. That’s why, in recent years, a series of actions aligned with the values of PONTI & PARTNERS and its initial objective have been carried out: to have a positive final impact on our society and the well-being of the people who comprise it.

The Corporate Social Responsibility manual you will find below these lines is the public declaration of our commitment to assist sustainable economic and social development through various actions carried out by the firm, which are fully aligned with our values. It is a commitment that is signed and upheld by all levels of the company and executed with pride.

Organizations have the opportunity to be a positive transformative force in many social areas, and with this idea in mind, we work every day, convinced that together we can build a better society.

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